Fiorina is a self-taught abstract artist born and raised in Taiwan. She began painting for soul-searching, self-expression, and seeking a more profound connection with both life and herself. After graduating from Fashion Marketing in Canada, she discovered her passion for abstract art. Her work is based on the exploration between color, form, nature, sewing, and texture. She loves working with different types of materials, experimenting with different techniques and her artistic skills. The process of making art is based on engaging with people, feelings, and connections. Her work is means of self-reflection and practicing mindfulness.


For me, art is therapeutic; I love to collect moments in my life that bring me different kinds of emotions, as beautiful as what I see every day. Emotions play a major character in my paintings. Emotions are like water, they can be stillness or a wave. I like mixing colors with water on a big canvas, letting the water flow, and observing the motions. Everything is possible on canvas, and I let my ideas run free so that the artwork can develop naturally. I have a strong passion for art therapy, and I very much believe that practicing art is a form of mindfulness. Daily practice is key, and I also have enthusiasm for Qigong, Tai Chi, and tea ceremonies. May my artwork bring you awareness of your inner self and healing.
I hope my artwork will bring peace and warmth to you.
Love and light.
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